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A decade of childcare experience in our local community!

Since 2014 we have been operating in Ireland, taking immense pride in being Ireland’s leading school age childcare provider and offering our services in over 75 locations across the country. Our local teams provide the perfect balance of personalised care combined with the security of professional central management.

Sherpa Kids is a highly regarded name in the realm of School Age Childcare, trusted by schools, families, and children alike. We offer top-tier Tusla-registered programmes encompassing breakfast, after-school, and holiday services, all conducted on your school premises. This arrangement ensures that children remain in their familiar surroundings with their peers, while parents can have the peace of mind of knowing there are no pick-up or drop-off challenges.

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Make a difference in your community

Sherpa Kids is about much more than just school age childcare.

We have an unwavering commitment to ensure every day is exceptional and our sole purpose is to support Ireland’s families. We strive to make a positive difference in each child’s life by shaping our programmes around a child-led approach. The impact our consistent programmes can have on children is more positive outcomes, promoting social and emotional competency through enrichment, play, nurture, and nutrition. Together, we will provide a service that reaches out and engages with your families and challenges your pupils to reach new heights.

A service as unique as your school

What we do

We provide a comprehensive, tailored solution designed to cater to your school’s unique needs. Whether it’s starting the morning with activities in our Before School, After school or during school closures offering our Holiday Programmes, our purpose is clear: ensure that every day is exceptional for children, families and school communities, whether is offering flexibility, continuity, and affordability, or enabling parents to return to work or pursue education, we are dedicated to making a positive impact!

Our approach begins with attentive listening and understanding of the diverse needs of everyone involved. Leveraging our extensive array of inclusive physical, well-being, creative, and play-based activities, we develop programmes and services delivered in-school and/or within the local community by our expert teams. We take pride in our enduring school partnerships, working closely with educational institutions to keep children at the core of every decision we make.


Why partner with us?

We bring together the best of both worlds. Our partnership ensures that each school enjoys a tailor-made, personalised service that seamlessly integrates its ideas and caters to the specific needs of its families and community. Yet, this service is brought to life by Sherpa Kids’ unique approach, reputation, resources, and support structure.

Choosing Sherpa Kids guarantees not only bespoke solutions but also the highest quality programmes, with qualified professionals and educational frameworks.

Our internal health, safety and compliance processes, procedures and regulations are second to none and far more stringent and detailed than the current regulations introduced in February 2019 by the DCYA and Tusla.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Head Office Support

What makes us different

Our mission is to make a meaningful difference in Irish families by prioritizing the unique needs of each child. Our Wellbeing philosophy is the guiding force behind everything we do, fostering impact moments beyond the classroom.

Our qualified childcare professionals develop tailored programmes that are exciting and inclusive and also aligned with each child’s age, skill levels and early years foundation stage. Designed to cater for a diverse range of interests, these programmes offer children the opportunity to maximize their potential and develop the personal skills needed to navigate an ever-evolving world.

We focus on allowing the Child’s Voice to inspire our programmes, activities and play planners, and we record all learning outcomes for children, setting us apart and ahead of other SAC providers.


Our Impact every single day!

Sherpa Kids looks after over 12000 primary school children in their local community EVERY day!
We have over 75 schools opened in Ireland
Globally supporting over 20.000 families every day!
Our teams deliver over 1,300 hours of FUN delivered every day across our network.

What can Sherpa Kids do for you?

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


Our Breakfast Clubs are designed to ready children’s minds and bodies for the busy school day ahead. Conveniently located at your school, we provide a solution for busy families, allowing them to drop off their children early. This ensures a calm and focused start to the day with engaging activities that stimulate children’s well-being, accompanied by a nutritious breakfast to keep their energy levels high throughout the day.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


Our After-School Programmes deliver an innovative approach to school age childcare at your school. This means that children will be with their peers and in familiar surroundings, giving parents the peace of mind that comes with having no pick-up or drop off to worry about during your working day. Our After School Programmes offer fun, happy, safe places for children to make new friendships, play freely and take part of activities that will boost their personal skills and unique talents.


Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


During every school closure, at Sherpa Kids, we understand the mismatch between the holidays children have and the limited time working parents can take off. To support families, we provide extended holiday programmes at as many schools as possible. With themed weeks and a variety of fun and exciting activities, our programmes ensure children have a memorable holiday break with their friends.

The benefits of joining our network

  • Demand for our services is growing across Ireland!
  • Market-Leading Expertise!
  • Effortless Partnership!
  • New Revenues.

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