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Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


Situated onsite at your children’s school, we provide a breakfast club environment enabling busy parents to drop off their kids early, ensuring they get a healthy and fulfilling breakfast in their own school environment.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


Our After-School Programmes deliver an innovative approach to school age childcare on site at your child’s school. This means that your child is with their peers and in familiar surroundings, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having no pick-up or drop off to worry about during your working day. Your child is our Sherpa Kid and our care for them is guided by 2 main principles which are at the core of everything we do: their safety & their well-being.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


At Sherpa Kids we understand the total mis-match between the amount of holidays your child gets compared to the amount you have as a working parent. So to support parents,  we offer extended holiday time care at as many schools that we can. Although it is not always feasible in every school, we can guarantee there will be holiday care service at a school near to you.



Sherpa Kids’ new report, No child left behind: reforming school-age childcare in Ireland, shows just how profound the impact of Covid-19 lockdown has been on parents and children. It also demonstrates how much every part of Irish society and the economy, including parents, children, and school communities, stand to benefit from increased government investment in school-age childcare.

More than 9 in 10 parents report that lockdown has had negative effects on their lives and the lives of their children, particularly in terms of mental health. As many as 80% believe that their child’s routine has been negatively altered, while 67% believe that their education has been hindered.

Working parents have been asked to function as part-time teachers, and as individual schools and classes are closed to contain virus outbreaks, it is likely that this will continue. Intuitively, we know that parents cannot be fully professionally productive while also providing a quality education to their children. The data bears this out: 64% said they have found it very or quite challenging to home-school, while 62% have had difficulty even finding the time to do it…

Sherpa Kids looks after over 9000 primary school children in their local community EVERY day!
We have over 265 schools worldwide including over 50 local schools in Ireland
Globally we run 500 services in schools every DAY!!
Our teams deliver over 1,300 hours of FUN delivered every day across our network.
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We are proud to be the leading childcare providers of Before School, Afterschool, and Holiday Programmes in Ireland driven by a passionate team committed to our daily mission: to make a difference to Ireland’s families and to the lives of children. For over 9 years, we have been delivering the best experiences for thousands of children, earning trust and confidence from families and schools in more than 70 settings across the country. We can help you manage your childcare requirements with flexibility in our exciting programmes. Check out our services near you and find out more!