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A Lust for Life

Nurturing Hearts & Minds - Sherpa Kids & A Lust for Life

In 2024, Sherpa Kids proudly nominates A Lust for Life as our Charity of Choice, dedicated to supporting the mental health of primary school children in Ireland. This multi-award-winning charity shares our profound commitment to reaching every primary school pupil in Ireland with their bespoke programmesWe feel passionate about supporting them to make a difference in the lives of children nationwide. 

As part of our initiative and team efforts, Sherpa Kids aims to raise donations throughout the year through various exciting fundraising events hosted by our team. We recognize the power of collective action and believe in the significance of each contribution. 

By embracing our A Lust for Life project and our fundraising events and initiatives, you will play a crucial role in helping Sherpa Kids to make history for primary school children in 2024. Your support helps nurture young minds, enabling them to become effective guardians of their mental well-being. In doing so, you contribute to shaping a generation of future leaders who will help drive our society towards a brighter and better future! 

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About A Lust for Life

A Lust for Life School Programme is a 10-week teacher-led programme which aims to build resilience, increase well-being, and enhance the emotional literacy of 1st to 6th-class school children. Throughout the ten lessons, children creatively learn about their well-being and self-care with content that is rooted in psychology, has been written by educational specialists and created by children for children. 

The Programme includes lesson plans, learning materials, a Netflix-style gallery of engaging videos, and much more, all designed to increase & expand pupils’ understanding of feelings and emotions and create a more compassionate, happier school environment. 


What does the Programme Include?

Engaging Lesson Plans

Learning Materials

A Netflix-Style Gallery of Videos

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