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We believe in flexible care solutions!

Today, flexibility in childcare solutions is very important for parents or guardians who do not need access to full time school age childcare.

Our childcare model is built to suit your needs which means we operate a “pay for what you book” system.

So, whether it is a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoons or 12 hours a week, you just access exactly what you need for your child.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | I'm A Parent

Learning About The World

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


Situated onsite at your children’s school, providing a breakfast club environment enables busy parents the option to drop off the kids early and ensures that they get a healthy, fulfilling breakfast to start their day.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


Our After-School Programmes deliver an innovative approach to school age childcare on site at your child’s school. This means that your child is with their peers and in familiar surroundings, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having no pick-up or drop off to worry about during your working day. Your child is our Sherpa Kid and our care for them is guided by 2 main principles which are at the core of everything we do: their safety & their well-being.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care


At Sherpa Kids we understand the total mis-match between the amount of holidays your child gets compared to the amount you have as a working parent. So to support parents,  we offer extended holiday time care at as many schools that we can. Although it is not always feasible in every school, we can guarantee there will be holiday care service at a school near to you.


When your children are at a Sherpa Kids programme, you can feel rest assured that all our Sherpa Kids staff have:

First Aid Training & Qualifications

Proven Childcare Experience

Behavior Management Training

Childcare Training & Qualifications

Clear Criminal Records

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Free Play Activities

Future Airbus Engineer


Free Play, Nutrition and Active Kids

A childs’ well being is the most imporatant aspect  of their development and we believe this is the most important thing for us to  embrace and nurture. 

We have created a Sherpa Kids well-being philosophy which revolves around 3 distinct, yet connected areas of focus : Free Play, Nutrition & Active Kids.

Free Play

Nurturing Ireland’s Teenagers Of Tomorrow

This really is a passion for us and one of the main drivers in our ambition to help nurture Ireland’s teenagers of tomorrow.

There is now significant research-based evidence demonstrating that undirected free play has profound benefits on your child’s development, growth and wellbeing.

It can boost their character and personality, promote their physical development, develop their brain and mind, teach them emotional and social skills and improve their academic performance. From the cognitive to the physical, research shows that undirected free play can allow children to gain greater self-confidence, promote neurological development, and even enhance their fine motor skills.

Why choose Sherpa KidsIreland?

  • Kids love our engaging programmes, participating in adventurous, creative activities and good old-fashioned play
  • We focus on children’s health and safety
  • All staff have clear criminal checks
  • A staff: learner ratio of 1:12 allows for loads of engagement
  • We build positive relationships with the children and families
  • We offer a professional service with our core focus on CARE
Sherpa Kids Ireland | I'm A Parent
Sherpa Kids Ireland | I'm A Parent

A Healthy Snack Is Part Of The Sherpa Kids Day


Nutritious Snacks

Nutrition  plays an equally important part in supporting your child’s well-being.

Sherpa Kids supports this by providing  daily nutritious snacks for your child as well as educating them on  the benefits of eating the right foods  to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Active Kids

Active Kids Are Happy Kids

At Sherpa Kids we don’t rely on technology to entertain your child in our care.

It’s not that we are “anti-technology”, it’s more we believe it has its place and time.

We believe there are so many more ways to have fun and we want “our” kids to have fun, for fun’s sake.

Active Kids are happy kids and we try our very best at every opportunity to bring your child outdoors so they can enjoy the benefits of active play.

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Active Kids

Kids Having Fun


Why do people love us?

“We would be absolutely lost without Sherpa kids! The girls are absolutely amazing and Tadhg loves going in the morning and after school! The camps are absolutely fantastic and he is still talking about the summer camp as well as looking forward to the Halloween camp! As working parents it gives us great peace of mind knowing that he is so happy in Sherpa! The girls do an amazing job and it is a real home away from home! We could not recommend it highly enough!!”

Juliette McCormack

“I cannot praise Sherpa Kids enough for their ongoing kindness and care they extend to our children every day. After our long term childminder retired we were devastated and never thought we would find someone worthy of the job. When I approached Sherpa Kids, any worries were resolved. They offer a flexible payment plan or a pay as you go facility which is fantastic.

I never worry about my children when they are in the care of Sherpa  and  cannot commend the work they do highly enough. Every week is different and they never get bored. Camps are great value and varied.”

Lorraine Deasy

“My children have been attending the after-school service at Sherpa since September 2017.  They simply love it, and as parents so do we!!!

The children complete their homework, have a snack and enjoy a variety of activities such as skipping, sports, baking, painting, arts and crafts and drama. All the children have a chance to mix with children from other classes, developing their social skills and building new friendships.

The staff are just amazing, so organised, approachable, energetic and creative. The staff encourage the children to behave well and to have fun. I am very impressed by the standard of care provided by these girls. What a comfort to know while I’m at work that my children are in such safe hands.

Sherpa is fantastic value for money. It offers flexibility and works around the families needs. It is really useful to receive the monthly invoice .

Enrolling my kids in Sherpa has been one of my bests parenting decisions. I am so grateful to the staff there for the care and love they give my children.

Thank you all,”

Olivia Chadha

Find Out More

Some frequently asked questions from parents

Is the Sherpa Kids service eligible for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS)?
Yes, all our services are registered with Tusla and therefore eligible for the NCS. This allows us to claim subsidies, on your behalf for your childcare bill of up to €3.75 per hour for up to 17 hours for Junior and Senior infants and 12 hours for Classes 1-6. Any queries should be directed to the services Programme Co-ordinator who will assist you with your application.
Are you registered with Tusla?
Yes, all School Age Childcare services are required to register with Tusla as they are our regulator and inspector. We also inspect our own services at least once a year to make sure that our own stringent standards are being adhered to.
Do the children get a snack?
We provide a healthy nutritious snack for all children in our care during our after-school service. We also provide these during holiday care but encourage children to bring their own lunches as well. During our Before School/Breakfast Club we serve a healthy breakfast to start to the day.
Do you open during School Holidays?
We understand the mismatch between the amount of parental holiday and the number of days the children are off school so wherever possible we try to open during holiday time. The only exception to this is during the Christmas holidays. Where it is not possible to open the school during the holiday period we usually have an alternative service nearby that will take the children.
What kind of activities do you do with the children?
As well as nutrition the other main pillars of supporting our children’s well-being are Free Play and Activity. Whenever possible we like to take the kids outside in the fresh air but when this is not possible we have a number of activities based around themes that may include science, cooking, sport, loose or art and craft. Whether outside or inside, all our activities are child centric and child led.
What is the Ratio?
We strictly observe Tusla’s ratio of 1 adult to every 12 children when onsite at the service. For excursions this drops to 1:8 with a minimum of 2 staff attending.
What are your rates?
These vary from service to service in different parts of the country and each service should be contacted regarding this. They can also be found in the individual service’s Parent’s Handbook which will also give details of any sibling discounts available, any late cancellation fees and policies on sickness and holidays. These are available online or at the service.
Do you take children from other schools?
We operate onsite at the school and therefore are invited guests at those premises. We have to respect this and the school’s policies and ethos. Many schools will allow children from other schools nearby to attend the service but where it is logistically not possible we cannot offer this as part of the service.