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Holiday Programmes

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Holiday Programmes

Make unforgettable memories with us!

Our extended holiday club programmes are here to support busy parents, offering an exceptional experience for your child. We believe in creating an exceptional experience for your child during their school breaks that’s why our daily schedules are carefully designed to cater to each child’s unique talents and interests, ensuring they will enjoy and want to come back to keep making unforgettable memories with us.

Sherpa Kids Holiday Programmes run throughout the year - it includes October Mid-Term, Christmas, February Mid-Term, Easter and Summer Holidays.

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Our holiday programme experience!

While the activities vary bringing lots of excitement, one thing remains consistent - our commitment to creating a dynamic and engaging environment for your child.

Every week, our Holiday Programmes introduce a diverse variety of adventures through our Weekly Play Planner. A planner crafted with care and designed to cater to the diverse interests of our young explorers, each day becomes a fresh new chapter in their holiday journey.

We make sure it's a BLAST!

Arts & Crafts Projects

We empower young artists to explore their creativity, nurturing fine motor skills and unleashing their imaginative potential.


Sports & Games

We go the extra mile to motivate children to step outside, embrace the weather and engage in outdoor exercises. This approach not only enhances physical fitness but also nurtures teamwork, positive social interactions and a profound affinity for a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Snacks

Our menu is a harmonious fusion of nutrition and taste, providing nourishment and energy to fuel our enriching adventures.


Music & Drama

Every child is a unique individual, and at Sherpa Kids, we celebrate their distinct talents and individuality encouraging self-expression via singing, acting, and dancing in our exhilarating performances and engaging talent shows.



In our Holiday Programmes, we cultivate well-being through Yoga and Meditation activities, providing a serene pause from our vibrant adventures while nurturing mindfulness and focus in children.


Cooking Sections

Children become budding chefs in our cooking sections, exploring flavours and ingredients with hands-on fun.



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Safe & Stimulating Environment

Weekly Theme Adventures

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Fuel Up with Nutrition

Our october mid-term starts in:

Our Spooktacular October Mid-Term is coming...

FROM: 30th of October to 3rd of November

Let's make it the best!

We are about to embark together on this electrifying adventure!

Our Holiday Programme is a thrilling week filled with a wide range of activities and captivating challenges, meticulously crafted to nurture your children's unique talents, foster new friendships, and generate loads of fun!

With a diverse selection of excitingly spooky activities, our October Mid-Term promises to be an spooktacular experience for your child!

October Mid-term Social (5)

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To support busy families we offer extended holiday club programmes throughout the year in numerous locations throughout Ireland. While it may not be available at every school, we will be happy to advise you of the nearest location to you. Here are the locations where we run our programmes!
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October Mid-Term

30th of October - 3rd of November

February Mid-Term

12th of February - 16th of February

Easter Mid-Term

22nd of April - 6th of April

Summer Holidays

26th of June - 30th of August

Sherpa Kids in our Summer of Fun!

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