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The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) is a government programme designed to provide financial support to families for childcare costs and early learning. Since 2019, all families have had the opportunity to apply for the National Childcare Scheme, offering them a discount per hour off their bills.

Minister Roderic O'Gorman has introduced a new rate as part of the Budget 2024 measures, increasing the minimum NCS subsidy rate from €1.40 to €2.14. This means parents can now receive a higher subsidy towards their childcare fees for the upcoming academic year.

From September 2024, each child will be entitled to receive a minimum of €2.14 per hour from September 2024 deducted from their childcare bill (this is a non-means-tested rate) and up to €3.75 per hour (it means tested).

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Did you know Sherpa Kids programmes are eligible for the NCS?

Our Before, After School, and Holiday Programmes are carefully crafted to meet the diverse needs of families across Ireland. We provide dynamic and enriching environments where children can flourish, engaging in activities that extend beyond the school curriculum.

As the only available for Tusla registered services, the National Childcare Scheme ensures that even more families can access high-quality childcare at an affordable price. We take pride in our Tusla Registration and offer the NCS at all our locations across Ireland, covering both term-time and Holiday programmes.

Below, you'll find a table illustrating the new rates applicable to our 80 services across Ireland. Please note that this is a government-provided guide and may not cover all exact income levels, as each family's circumstances may vary! You can check more at: https://www.ncs.gov.ie/


This is a sample timetable based on the NEW National Childcare Scheme (NCS) fees starting from September 2024. The new fees offer a discount of €1.40 per hour for eligible families, with rates ranging up to €3.40 per hour booked.

New to Sherpa Kids?

We provide on-site support for parents who require assistance with their National Childcare Scheme (NCS) Application. Feel free to reach out to the programme coordinator directly for personalized assistance, or follow our step-by-step guide available online for detailed instructions. We’re here to help make the application process as smooth as possible for you!

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care

Before your NCS application – you can check your eligibility and calculate your individual subsidy online. This will enable you to see how much subsidy you will be eligible to receive.   

Check your eligibility and calculate your subsidy now via link below:

Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care

To start your NCS application you will need your MyGovID account to hand. If you don’t have a MyGovdID account or you don’t have access to this – you’ll need to create and/or verify your account via the government the government website. For this, you will need to have:  

  • Your PPS (Personal Public Service) number   
  • Your Public Services Card  
  • Your mobile phone   
Sherpa Kids Ireland | Onsite After Hours Care

If you are eligible for the NCS subsidy and your application has been processed, you will be notified by the amount you are eligible for and receive a unique “CHICK CODE” on the HIVE portal. Access your HIVE portal via link below and send your unique CHICK CODE including all your child’s details to [email protected]

Terms & Conditions

  1. If you receive the NCS (National Childcare Scheme) subsidy, you must adhere to the contract requirements outlined by the government. This includes ensuring that your child attends the service for the specified time as applied for on the NCS, with exceptions for legitimate short-term circumstances such as illness. 
  1. After submitting your screenshot of your CHICK Code (no less than 1 week prior to commencement in Sherpa Kids), we will deduct your subsidy from your bill each week and your invoice will be sent to you accordingly. 
  1. Changes to service use hours and/or cancellations require no less than 4 weeks’ written notice to remain compliant with government funding and ensure our legal and regulatory requirements are fully met. This includes maintaining appropriate adult-child ratios and insurance coverage. 
  1. You must use your Sherpa Kids Account Code in all communications with us and when making all payments. 
  1. Sending a screenshot: When submitting your CHICK CODE to Sherpa Kids, please make sure you this screenshot should include all your child’s details: Your child’s full name, Date of birth, dates of validity (start and end date of award) and the unique CHICK code. 
  1. All parents are required to confirm all claims on the HIVE themselves; failure to do so may result in the risk of losing the subsidy. 

Need help?

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our programme coordinators directly in schools or send us an email at: [email protected].  

The government also provides support through the National Childcare Scheme. If you need further information, please feel free to contact their support line on 01-906-8530. 

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Some frequently asked questions from parents

Is the Sherpa Kids service eligible for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS)?
Yes, all our services are registered with Tusla and therefore eligible for the NCS. This allows us to claim subsidies, on your behalf for your childcare bill of up to €3.75 per hour for up to 17 hours for Junior and Senior infants and 12 hours for Classes 1-6. Any queries should be directed to the services Programme Co-ordinator who will assist you with your application.
Are you registered with Tusla?
Yes, all School Age Childcare services are required to register with Tusla as they are our regulator and inspector. We also inspect our own services at least once a year to make sure that our own stringent standards are being adhered to.
How to know if I am entitled to it?
Universal Subsidy: This subsidy is available to all working parents (training and studying are considered work) is not means-tested. It provides a fixed amount per hour of childcare and is applicable to children aged between 6 months (24 weeks) and 15 years. Income-Assessed Subsidy: This subsidy is means-tested and available to families with an annual reckonable income of up to €60,000. The amount of subsidy is based on the family's income, the age of the child, and their educational stage. You cannot get both at the same time, but if you fit in the two options you can choose which one suits best your family.
How many hours am I entitled to?
Enhanced Hours Subsidy: If you (and your partner, if applicable) are working, studying, or training, you are eligible for up to 45 hours of subsidised childcare per week. This means that you can receive financial support for up to 45 hours of childcare services during that week. Standard Hours Subsidy: If you (and your partner, if applicable) are not working, studying, or training, you can still qualify for subsidised childcare. In this case, you are entitled to up to 20 hours of subsidised childcare per week. This means that you can receive financial support for up to 20 hours of childcare services during that week.
I am a student. Am I eligible for the NCS?
Under the NCS, any form of study or training is considered equivalent to work. This means that if you or your partner (if applicable) are studying or undergoing training, those hours are considered when determining your eligibility for the enhanced hours subsidy.
What’s HIVE?
The Hive is the online Parent Portal where you can apply for the NCS and approve any claims Sherpa Kids submit for you. All claims we submit for you need to be “approved” by you to be applied to your childcare bill.
What’s MyGovdID Account?
MyGovID is an online identity service that allows you to access online Government services in a safe and secure manner.  You can create or verify your account by accessing the website: https://www.mygovid.ie/