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For children, Sherpa Kids' Before and After School Programmes mean an exciting and energizing extension of their day. For parents, it's about having peace of mind, knowing that their child is in the capable hands of our Garda vetted, Sherpa Kids-trained professionals within a safe and nurturing environment.

Sherpa Kids ensures that children not only receive expert care but also have the opportunity to make the most of each day, engaging in a range of activities they'll love, all while beginning and ending their day with a smile.

In line with our "Well-Being Philosophy" approach, our programmes offers a fun-filled daily schedules, with planned activities running each day.

We make sure it's a BLAST!

Arts & Crafts Projects

We empower young artists to explore their creativity, nurturing fine motor skills and unleashing their imaginative potential.


Sports & Games

We go the extra mile to motivate children to step outside, embrace the weather and engage in outdoor exercises. This approach not only enhances physical fitness but also nurtures teamwork, positive social interactions and a profound affinity for a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Snacks

Our menu is a harmonious fusion of nutrition and taste, providing nourishment and energy to fuel our enriching adventures.


Music & Drama

Every child is a unique individual, and at Sherpa Kids, we celebrate their distinct talents and individuality encouraging self-expression via singing, acting, and dancing in our exhilarating performances and engaging talent shows.



In our Holiday Programmes, we cultivate well-being through Yoga and Meditation activities, providing a serene pause from our vibrant adventures while nurturing mindfulness and focus in children.


Cooking Sections

Children become budding chefs in our cooking sections, exploring flavours and ingredients with hands-on fun.



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Breakfast Club

Our Before School Programme is a seamless solution for busy parents with tight schedules in the morning. Located within your child's school, we offer a calm and engaging start to the day, with nourishing breakfast and focused activities. Our commitment extends to safe drop-offs, making mornings stress-free.

Junior Hour

Introducing Junior Hour – a hassle-free solution for parents with children in both Junior and Senior Infants. Our team will collect your child from their teachers at collection time and will look after your little ones until the children from 1st to 6th class finish school, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Your child will enjoy engaging in activities and expert care, whether they have older siblings or not - you can extend their day with our After School programme for a well-rounded experience at Sherpa Kids.

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After School Club

Our After-School Programmes begin right after your child’s school day ends. We provide a safe space for your children to unwind, connect with friends and dive into a world of imagination and experience. With our innovative approach to school-age childcare, we deliver a world of endless possibilities for your child offering an exciting fun-packed weekly schedule with a wide range of activities to keep your child engaged with everything from arts & crafts, sports, science and a range of varied activities!


Our well-being Philosophy

We have created a Sherpa Kids well-being philosophy that is a holistic approach designed to nurture the overall well-being and development of every child in our care. This philosophy centers around three interconnected pillars that are integral to fostering a healthy and enriching environment:

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Active Kids are Happy Kids!

Physical activity is essential for a child’s overall health and development. Our well-being philosophy encourages active engagement through various physical activities and games. We believe that being active not only promotes physical well-being but also enhances social skills, confidence, and teamwork.

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Proper nutrition is fundamental to a child’s growth and well-being. We emphasizes the significance of providing balanced and nourishing meals and snacks. We prioritize healthy food choices that cater to children’s dietary needs, supporting their physical development and boosting their energy levels.

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We believe that children learn best through play. Our well-being philosophy promotes the importance of free play, allowing children the freedom to explore, imagine, and create in an unstructured environment. Free play enhances cognitive, emotional, and social skills, encouraging children to develop problem-solving abilities, creativity, and self-expression.

Sherpa Kids team & children


“My children have been attending the after-school service at Sherpa since September 2017.  They simply love it, and as parents so do we!!!

The children complete their homework, have a snack and enjoy a variety of activities such as skipping, sports, baking, painting, arts and crafts and drama. All the children have a chance to mix with children from other classes, developing their social skills and building new friendships.

The staff are just amazing, so organised, approachable, energetic and creative. The staff encourage the children to behave well and to have fun. I am very impressed by the standard of care provided by these girls. What a comfort to know while I’m at work that my children are in such safe hands.

Sherpa is fantastic value for money. It offers flexibility and works around the families needs. It is really useful to receive the monthly invoice .

Enrolling my kids in Sherpa has been one of my bests parenting decisions. I am so grateful to the staff there for the care and love they give my children.

Thank you all,”

Olivia Chadha

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Some frequently asked questions from parents

Is the Sherpa Kids service eligible for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS)?
Yes, all our services are registered with Tusla and therefore eligible for the NCS. This allows us to claim subsidies, on your behalf for your childcare bill of up to €3.75 per hour for up to 17 hours for Junior and Senior infants and 12 hours for Classes 1-6. Any queries should be directed to the services Programme Co-ordinator who will assist you with your application.
Are you registered with Tusla?
Yes, all School Age Childcare services are required to register with Tusla as they are our regulator and inspector. We also inspect our own services at least once a year to make sure that our own stringent standards are being adhered to.
Do the children get a snack?
We provide a healthy nutritious snack for all children in our care during our after-school service. We also provide these during holiday care but encourage children to bring their own lunches as well. During our Before School/Breakfast Club we serve a healthy breakfast to start to the day.
Do you open during School Holidays?
We understand the mismatch between the amount of parental holiday and the number of days the children are off school so wherever possible we try to open during holiday time. The only exception to this is during the Christmas holidays. Where it is not possible to open the school during the holiday period we usually have an alternative service nearby that will take the children.
What kind of activities do you do with the children?
As well as nutrition the other main pillars of supporting our children’s well-being are Free Play and Activity. Whenever possible we like to take the kids outside in the fresh air but when this is not possible we have a number of activities based around themes that may include science, cooking, sport, loose or art and craft. Whether outside or inside, all our activities are child centric and child led.
What is the Ratio?
We strictly observe Tusla’s ratio of 1 adult to every 12 children when onsite at the service. For excursions this drops to 1:8 with a minimum of 2 staff attending.
What are your rates?
These vary from service to service in different parts of the country and each service should be contacted regarding this. They can also be found in the individual service’s Parent’s Handbook which will also give details of any sibling discounts available, any late cancellation fees and policies on sickness and holidays. These are available online or at the service.
Do you take children from other schools?
We operate onsite at the school and therefore are invited guests at those premises. We have to respect this and the school’s policies and ethos. Many schools will allow children from other schools nearby to attend the service but where it is logistically not possible we cannot offer this as part of the service.