Welcome to Sherpa Kids Ireland !

Out of Hours School Care (OHSC) in Ireland is becoming one of the most discussed issues during the recovery phase of the Irish economy. With the Government encouraging mothers, carers and single parents to get back into full time employment, the lack of before and after school care is an issue that constantly arises. The simple fact of the matter is that for national school aged children there is very little in the way of affordable and structured after school care available in Ireland today which is, in turn, preventing those parents who wish to return to the workplace from doing so. Many studies have shown that Ireland is well behind our European neighbours in providing such a service and that when it is provided it is the most expensive within the EU.

Sherpa Kids International through Sherpa Kids Ireland is seeking to remedy this situation by providing affordable before and after school care across Ireland, owned and operated by you – the local who knows the community.

John MilesWe have the collective knowledge that comes with a large, internationally diverse and experienced Out of Hours School Care provider yet retain a personal touch by employing local, community minded individuals. Since 1996, our impressive history has been underpinned by a high level of knowledge, integrity and expertise that professionalises our brand, our systems and most importantly, our people. Sherpa Kids has an infective energy that is predicated on a genuine passion for delivering, via collaboration, a quality, structured and safe service that is more than affordable.

We create and deliver customized services via a fun, structured and engaging programme. This will challenge all to reach higher aspirations and we partner closely with the school community to achieve this. Our model will allow you to have a demographic of over 2500 enrolled students which could translate to around 8 -10 schools.

In the following pages you will discover what comes with your investment in the business that is Sherpa Kids, both tangible and intangible, and we hope it helps you make an informed decision that could be a life changing experience.

John Miles

Managing Director, Sherpa Kids Ireland.