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Our Before and After School Programmes

For children, Sherpa Kids' Before and After School Programmes mean an exciting and energizing extension of their day. For parents, it's about having peace of mind, knowing that their child is in the capable hands of our Garda-vetted, Sherpa Kids-trained professionals within a safe and nurturing environment.

Sherpa Kids ensures that children not only receive expert care but also have the opportunity to make the most of each day, engaging in a range of activities they'll love, all while beginning and ending their day with a smile.

In line with our "Well-Being Philosophy" approach, our programmes offers a fun-filled daily schedules, with planned activities running each day.

Before School / Rise then Shine

Our Before School Rise then Shine Programme is a seamless solution for busy parents with tight schedules in the morning. Located within your child's school, we offer a calm and engaging start to the day, with nourishing breakfast and focused activities. Our commitment extends to safe drop-offs, making mornings stress-free.

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Junior Hour / Stay and Play

Introducing Junior Hour – a hassle-free solution for parents with children in both Junior and Senior Infants. Our team will collect your child from their teachers at collection time and will look after your little ones until the children from 1st to 6th class finish school, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Your child will enjoy engaging in activities and expert care, whether they have older siblings or not - you can extend their day with our After School programme for a well-rounded experience at Sherpa Kids.

After School / Stay and Play

Our After-School/Stay and Play Programmes begin right after your child’s school day ends. We provide a safe space for your children to unwind, connect with friends and dive into a world of imagination and experience. With our innovative approach to school-age childcare, we deliver a world of endless possibilities for your child offering an exciting fun-packed weekly schedule with a wide range of activities to keep your child engaged with everything from arts & crafts, sports, science and a range of varied activities!


Our Well being philosophy


Our well-being Philosophy

We have created a Sherpa Kids well-being philosophy that is a holistic approach designed to nurture the overall well-being and development of every child in our care. This philosophy centers around three interconnected pillars that are integral to fostering a healthy and enriching environment:

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Active Kids are Happy Kids!

Physical activity is essential for a child’s overall health and development. Our well-being philosophy encourages active engagement through various physical activities and games. We believe that being active not only promotes physical well-being but also enhances social skills, confidence, and teamwork.

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Proper nutrition is fundamental to a child’s growth and well-being. We emphasizes the significance of providing balanced and nourishing meals and snacks. We prioritize healthy food choices that cater to children’s dietary needs, supporting their physical development and boosting their energy levels.

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We believe that children learn best through play. Our well-being philosophy promotes the importance of free play, allowing children the freedom to explore, imagine, and create in an unstructured environment. Free play enhances cognitive, emotional, and social skills, encouraging children to develop problem-solving abilities, creativity, and self-expression.

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Some frequently asked questions about the Adventure Programme

Is the Sherpa Kids programmes eligible for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS)?
Yes, all our services are registered with Tusla and therefore eligible for the NCS. This allows us to claim subsidies, on your behalf for your childcare bill of up to €3.75 per hour for up to 17 hours for Junior and Senior infants and 12 hours for Classes 1-6. Any queries should be directed to the services Programme Co-ordinator who will assist you with your application.
Are you registered with Tusla?
Yes, all School Age Childcare services are required to register with Tusla as they are our regulator and inspector. We also inspect our own services at least once a year to make sure that our own stringent standards are being adhered to.
Do the children get a breakfast?
During our Rise then Shine sessions we offer a wholesome and nutritious breakfast to energise and prepare children for the day ahead, ensuring they start their mornings right.
Do the children get a snack during the afternoons?
We offer a nutritious snack for all children under during our Stay and Play sessions in the afternoon.
Do you open during school closures?
We understand the mismatch between the amount of parental holiday and the number of days the children are off school so wherever possible we try to open during holiday time. The only exception to this is during the Christmas holidays. Where it is not possible to open the school during the holiday period we usually have an alternative service nearby that will take the children.
What kind of activities do you do with the children?
The Adventure Program consists of seven fun-filled categories that have been designed to help children navigate the world around them. Whether it's whipping up tasty treats, getting sporty, or unwinding with yoga and mindfulness, our tailor-made adventures to let children do what they love and explore their skills and discover new interests.
Do you take children from other schools?
We operate onsite at the school and therefore are invited guests at those premises. We have to respect this and the school’s policies and ethos. Many schools will allow children from other schools nearby to attend the service but where it is logistically not possible we cannot offer this as part of the service.