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Adventure Programme: Inspiring creativity and teamwork!
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Adventure Programme: Inspiring creativity and teamwork!

As part of our Adventure Programme, we are launching our two new categories Power Teams and Creative Inventors. 

We believe being part of a team isn’t just in a classroom or in a sport that we are part of or that we follow. Being part of a team is being part of a tribe, a family, a community. It is a group of people who come together with not only a common goal but having a deep understanding of why they are together, why they are passionate about working with each other and why they trust each other. A team isn’t just about knowing what roles we play as a collective, it is about being fearless, selfless and devoted to pursuing common goals. We want children to feel like their input is valuable, that they have a say and they are listened to not only by staff but by their peers as well. We want our children to feel like they can ask for help and have a sense of belonging. We encourage children to work things out together, support each other and to be kind to one another. So, we are very excited to launch Power Teams as part of our Sherpa Kids Adventure Programme. 

As for the purpose of our Creative Inventors, we believe that creativity goes beyond the colouring lines. It doesn’t always follow the rules. It experiments and gets messy. Creativity can turn into thousands of other things before it gets to the end result. We believe it can make mistakes and most importantly it’s allowed to. Creativity is thinking outside the box, doing something different and expressing it confidently. At Sherpa Kids, we encourage our children to be creative because we love mess, we love ideas, we love expression and we love freedom! 

We are so excited to see these two categories unfold as part of our Adventure Programme. Teamwork and creativity, what a perfect pair. 

By Valerie J. Deady, Sherpa Kids Ireland!