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Introducing HOLIDAY HQ, the ultimate holiday destination

Holiday HQ is the ultimate destination for kids looking for an unforgettable break from the school routine. From exciting outdoor escapades to creative workshops, cooking classes and interactive learning sessions – our expert programme team provide a dynamic blend of engaging activities and enriching experiences.

Sherpa Kids will be hosting the Holiday HQ for the first time this summer. Each day focuses on a different theme, with a range of exciting activities happening each day! From arts and crafts, to sports and STEM – we’ve made sure no two days are the same and that there’s something for everyone!

What’s on these Summer holidays?

Sherpa Kids Summer Adventure

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We are committed to providing safe, enjoyable, and imaginative spaces for children during school breaks. Our Holiday Programmes offer families peace of mind, knowing that their children are interacting with peers in a stimulating, dynamic, and nurturing setting.

From crafting fizzing poke balls to experiencing thrilling outdoor games like the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride, Animal Tag and refreshing water games for sunny days outdoors, this summer promises an epic adventure for children!

Splash Week

Fantasy Week

Animation Quest Week

Wild Safari Week

Holiday HQ



We're thrilled to announce that Sherpa Kids will be hosted in 5 different services throughout August for 2 exciting weeks! Why these services? Well, they've shown exceptional performance during the Adventure Programme launch, so we've decided to extend the excitement of the Olympics further into August this Summer, ensuring children remain active and engaged during the school break.

*Running at select Sherpa Kids services. Please check with your local service to find out the schedule of the Holiday HQ Programme.

Compete with mates

Design team's caps

Learn about countries

10 days packed with fun

Our Holiday HQ Locations – Contact us today!

Service Name Time To Email Address Phone Number Eir Code
Sherpa Kids Sherpa Kids Kennedy Park National School 9:00 17:00 [email protected] (083) 089-5768 Y35DR12
Sherpa Kids Scoil Phadraig Naofa and Presentation Primary School 9:00 17:00 [email protected] (083) 834-8497 P72XH02
Sherpa Kids Scoil Bhríde Presentation Midleton 9:00 17:00 [email protected] (086) 466-6724 P25R248
Sherpa Kids Scoil Naomh Eltin 9:00 17:00 [email protected] (087) 439-8889 P17 DC93
Sherpa Kids Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh Cobh 9:00 17:00 [email protected] (083) 456-7708 P24 VN20

Programme Schedule

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Team Spirit Day

12th of August

Welcome to Holiday HQ, where we kick off with exciting activities designed to unleash your creativity and teamwork skills this Summer with our opening Team Spirit Day. Dive into a thrilling hat design experience, collaborating with your team to create unique hats and let your imagination soar as you craft team banners. It's the ultimate start to your adventure at Holiday HQ!


Passport to Paris


Unleash your skills and explore an exhilarating adventure with our HHQ Venture. Plus, design your own global passport to collect stamps each day as you explore different countries through our amazing activities.


Artistic Athlete


Let your creativity soar at Artistic Athletes! Showcase your creative spirit by designing your own team t-shirt and shaping your very own masterpiece in our clay medal-making activity. It's a day filled to the brim with crafty celebrations!


STEM Sprint

15th of AUGUST

Ignite your curiosity with a variety of thrilling STEM-based competitions, including our exciting Olympic Flame Experiment! Plus, embark on our Holiday HQ Venture featuring giant games where you can play, explore and have a blast of fun.


Building Bricks Games


Build your way to victory in the awesome Building Brick Games! Create your very own team Lego mascot to take home and dive into the fun with our water balloon darts competition. Let your inner engineer shine and enjoy a day packed with creativity, fun and teamwork!




Ready, set, cook! Put on your chef's hat for a tasty adventure as we whip up delicious French crepes. Afterward, enjoy more delicious fun with our Holiday HQ Venture, creating sweet memories that will last a lifetime!


Ready, Set, Fun

20th of AUGUST

Prepare to get active and ignite your problem-solving skills with our unforgettable cone challenge, designed to enhance teamwork. Next, get ready for delicious fun with our cookie face race. It's a day of excitement and tasty treats you won't want to miss!


Carnival Day

21st of AUGUST

Get ready for an action-packed day filled with thrilling moments that will test your skills and teamwork with our Noodle Throw activity. Plus, a carnival celebration complete with face painting will add fun and colours to your day.


Splash Fun

22nd of AUGUST

Dive into excitement and get ready for a splashing good time with our water balloon volley game! Then, get ready to move and groove with our musical race extravaganza! It's a fun-filled adventure where everyone races to the finish line in a burst of musical fun and excitement!


Grand Finale

23rd of AUGUST

Join us for the grand finale of the Holiday HQ Games! Children will create and decorate their own piñatas, adding a personal touch to the fun. The excitement peaks with our spectacular Awards Ceremony, celebrating achievements and new friendships. The fun doesn't stop there—get ready for a thrilling piñata bash.

HHQ Ventures

HHQ Ventures are specially designed to add an extra dash of excitement to your child's days, with special visitors joining in the fun from outside. These unique experiences are crafted to boost children's enjoyment and bring even more fun to their time at Sherpa Kids!

Obstacles course

Giant Games

Lego Team Mascots

Face Painting

How to book your child in 1, 2, 3!

Already Registered?

If your child is already registered for our Holiday Programmes, there's no need to register them again. Simply contact your local Sherpa Kids with your preferred dates, and our friendly team will promptly confirm availability and complete the booking for you. It's that easy!

National Childcare Scheme

Our full week (5 days, 9am - 5pm) costs €150, but with the National Childcare Scheme (NCS), it costs less than €100 (a means-tested discount of €1.40 per hour). We highly encourage parents to apply for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) after receiving the booking confirmation. This scheme provides additional affordability options for our programmes.

2. Once we receive your online registration from, we'll send you a Booking Form which collects detailed information of your child and booking preferences. Simply fill out and return by email to us.

3. Once we receive your registration and booking forms, we will verify our availability and confirm your booking via email.