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Our Holiday Programmes

We are committed to providing safe, enjoyable, and imaginative spaces for children during school breaks. Our Holiday Programmes offer families peace of mind, knowing that their children are interacting with peers in a stimulating, dynamic, and nurturing setting.

Here, children engage in enriching activities and have a blast with their friends, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Each week of our Holiday Programmes is themed-based, ensuring that no two weeks are alike. This approach guarantees variety and excitement, with a diverse range of activities and games planned for every day. Join us for an unforgettable journey filled with fun, learning, and endless possibilities!

Adventure Programme EDM (18)

Holiday Programmes at Sherpa Kids!

Daily doses of themed arts and crafts, baking sessions, science experiments and sports! Plus, enjoy Special Events on Fridays powered by our Adventure Programme!

Creative Kids

We empower young artists to explore their creativity, nurturing fine motor skills and unleashing their imaginative potential.


Sporty Kids

We go the extra mile to motivate children to step outside, embrace the weather and engage in outdoor exercises. This approach not only enhances physical fitness but also nurtures teamwork, positive social interactions and a profound affinity for a healthy lifestyle.


Wacky Science Experiments

Let your child's curiosity run wild with hands-on lab experiments that spark excitement and nurture a passion for scientific exploration.


Music & Drama

Every child is a unique individual, and at Sherpa Kids, we celebrate their distinct talents and individuality encouraging self-expression via singing, acting, and dancing in our exhilarating performances and engaging talent shows.


Well Being Kids

In our Holiday Programmes, we cultivate well-being through Yoga and Meditation activities, providing a serene pause from our vibrant adventures while nurturing mindfulness and focus in children.


Keep Baking

Book your child's holiday with artistic adventures where imagination knows no bounds.


Create Inclusivity

Boost Child’s Creativity

Promote Teamwork

Foster Friendship

Generates Excitement

Our Summer Holiday Programme starts in:

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What is on this Summer?

July & August with us!

We invite all children to join us for our Summer Adventure Holiday Programme, unfolding weeks of excitement, learning, and above all, heaps of fun.

With unique weekly themes blending the best things children love, including sports, science experiments, and baking every single day, our summer holidays promise to be unique and unforgettable.

From crafting fizzing poke balls to experiencing thrilling outdoor games like the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride, Animal Tag and refreshing water games for sunny days outdoors, this summer promises an epic adventure for children!

Discover the Ultimate Summer Adventure!

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Splash Week


Nothing beats refreshing and enjoying the sunny days outdoors like water games! During our Splash Week, children will have a blast with various water-themed activities, including the "Fill the Bucket" race, "Ready, Set, Jump" challenge, crafting their own ocean project and lots more.

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Wild Safari


Welcome to the untamed wilderness of our Wild Safari theme, where thrilling adventures await! Get ready to explore the wonders of the animal world with exciting activities such as Flying Birds, experiencing a Cow milking adventure, crafting adorable Strawberries Ladybugs, and participating in a thrilling game of Animal Tag.

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Magic Kindgdom


Step into the enchanting world of our Magic Kingdom week, where imagination knows no bounds with delightful activities, including crafting Pom Pom Monsters, soaring on an Aladdin Magic Carpet ride, concocting Frozen slime, competing in Minute to Win Incredibles Games and lots more.

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Animation Quest


Embark on an epic Animation Quest as we delve into the fascinating world of animated adventures with activities like designing your very own Pokemon Cards, crafting Fizzing Pokeballs, building delicious Lego Pizzas, decorating mouth-watering Donuts, constructing a Lego STEM Volcano and lots more. Join us for a week filled with imagination, innovation, and endless fun as we bring your favourite animated characters to life!

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National Childcare Scheme

Our full week (5 days, 9am - 5pm) costs €150, but with the National Childcare Scheme (NCS), it costs less than €100 (a means-tested discount of €1.40 per hour). We highly encourage parents to apply for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) after receiving the booking confirmation. This scheme provides additional affordability options for our programmes.

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