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Children’s Mental Health
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Children’s Mental Health

“My Voice Matters…”

Children go through many stages throughout their childhood. During this time of development, their brains are powerfully adaptable and ready to learn whatever they are being exposed to.

It is during childhood that our core beliefs are planted and rooted which can set us up for better or for worse in our adulthood. An incredible amount of research and studies have shown that 80% of mental health issues in adulthood can be traced back to our childhood. This is why, at Sherpa Kids, it is so important to raise awareness, so our children are better equipped to deal with mental health issues in adulthood.

The theme of this year’s children’s mental health week is “my voice matters”. Raising awareness on children’s mental health, gives us better opportunities to learn. We become aware of what causes children’s mental health issues and how we deal with them should they arise. We become more aware of signs and symptoms and how to listen and communicate with children, which gives them a better opportunity to become aware of their own thoughts and behaviours.

At Sherpa Kids, we have spoken about behaviour, bullying, meltdowns and the importance of play and creativity and we will continue to speak about these topics beyond children’s mental health week.

Our programmes foster young minds by encouraging outdoor games, yoga sessions, healthy eating, and activities centered around kindness, ensuring a holistic approach to nurture the well-being of children every day. At Sherpa Kids, children can trust that we believe their voice matters, that they are not alone and that we can help. We are in this together!