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Sherpa Kids and A Lust for Life
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Sherpa Kids and A Lust for Life

Nurturing Hearts & Minds! ❤️


In light of recent statistics revealing a concerning surge in mental health issues among children, evidenced by an increase in those seeking assistance according to HSE data, we recognize the critical importance of proactive measures to nurture their emotional well-being. For us, prevention is paramount – educating children about the significance of discussing their emotions and normalizing these feelings, which everyone experiences and can sometimes find challenging to understand and deal with. And because we believe in it, we are proudly joining forces with A Lust For Life in 2024!


A Lust For Life began their commendable project during the pandemic, focusing on building resilience, enhancing emotional literacy, and increasing well-being among 1st to 6th-class students, offering school programmes designed by best practices in psychology, mindfulness, and education.
Sherpa Kids has proudly chosen A Lust for Life as our Charity of Choice for 2024, dedicated to supporting the mental health of primary school children across Ireland. With 3,390 classrooms already participating in their programmes and 80,151 school pupils benefiting from their initiatives, A Lust for Life is already accessible in 35% of primary schools in Ireland. Their mission has seamlessly become a part of our own, and we are committed to supporting and contributing to their goal of reaching as many children as possible.


We invite everyone to join Sherpa Kids on this journey by supporting our initiatives and spreading the word about the incredible programmes offered by A Lust for Life, available free of charge to school teachers in Ireland from 1st to 6th class.


Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of our children.


Their mission closely aligns with ours, aiming to reach every primary school pupil with tailored programmes designed to teach emotional expression and foster a sense of belonging.